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William Blake said “Everything that Lives is Holy.” Mike Sauter and Michael Martin discuss faith and the world with friends and guests through a sacramental lens. We call this “Sophiology.” Farming, the arts, child-rearing, politics, economy, religion, education, and culture. Think “Holy,” but think of all the world outside of church buildings; the divine shining through all of creation. Peace and love Christian Anarchism from the bottom-up.

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4 days ago

Blake will be featured in a number of our conversations and so we are seeing the stage for a deeper dive into Blake with this beginning conversation.  

Monday Sep 19, 2022

Friday Sep 09, 2022

Wide ranging interview with Hunter Scholl on the desires, fears and influences of Generation Z.

Friday Sep 02, 2022

Introductory discussion on key elements of Dr. Guido Preparata's forthcomng book, Empire and Church:  Anglo American Buyout if the Vatican and the Hypermodern Demise of Catholicism.

Sunday Aug 28, 2022

Discussion of Michael Martin's practice of "Cloudbusting" as a context to reflect on Wilhelm Reich, Kate Bush, as well as sexuality, technology and the environment.

Saturday Aug 20, 2022

British scholar, historian and author the "The Rise of Fall of Merry England" discusses all things pagan, Christian and how these two religions and sensibilities overlap in our culture's festival year, both in the past and today, along with prospects for the future.

Sunday Aug 14, 2022

An eye-opening dive into the burning question of technology taking on sentience through the experiences and reflections of philosopher Sarah Heidt.

Saturday Aug 06, 2022

A dive into the some of the realities of Generation Z, both before and after Covid, through a discussion of phenomenon of Jordan Peterson.

Saturday Jul 30, 2022

Michel Bauwens is a very important thinker and voice on culture, technology and "peer-to-peer" regeneration of society.

Saturday Jul 23, 2022

Filmmaker, author and professor of film studies at Baylor University, Joe Kickasola discusses transcendence in film and a lot more.  


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