The Regeneration Podcast

William Blake said “Everything that Lives is Holy.” Mike Sauter and Michael Martin discuss faith and the world with friends and guests through a sacramental lens. We call this “Sophiology.” Farming, the arts, child-rearing, politics, economy, religion, education, and culture. Think “Holy,” but think of all the world outside of church buildings; the divine shining through all of creation. Peace and love Christian Anarchism from the bottom-up.

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Saturday Mar 11, 2023

Saturday Mar 11, 2023

It's that time of year! Michael and Mike discuss the ins and outs of gardening.

Saturday Mar 04, 2023

James Tunney discusses the role of crystals, both good and bad, in the advent of the technocracy. Check out his work here:

Saturday Feb 25, 2023

One more angle on the 'Hive', 'Structure' and 'Machine'. This one, from a social scientist very familiar with the Vatican. Guido Preparata's works will soon be posted at his new website, (under construction), at

Saturday Feb 18, 2023

Paul Kingsnorth joins us to discuss "The Machine" and its antidotes. Check out his excellent Substack here:

Friday Feb 10, 2023

Michael and Mike lay the groundwork for a few upcoming episodes, (with Paul Kingsnorth and Guido Preparata), analyzing the sociology of the world in which we find ourselves today, variously referred to, by our guests, as 'The Machine', the 'Techno-Structure' and the 'Hive.'

Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Author and scholar, Addison Hodges Hart joins us for a rich discussion covering mysticism, beauty and the decline of the liturgical year. You can find his blog, "The Pragmatic Mystic" here:

Saturday Jan 28, 2023

Author and Blogger Extraordinaire, John Michael Greer, discusses the future of technology, enchantment, Trump, healthcare, Covid and a lot more, and it all connects!  Look for his name when you buy books and check out his blog at 

Friday Jan 20, 2023

Natural healer Merri Walters discusses her journey and practice.  Check out her site at SacredEssences.Com

Saturday Jan 14, 2023

Michael and Mike discuss how they discovered the likes of Pavel Florenski, Nikoli Berdiaev, Sergius Bulgakov, Vladimir Solovyov and others.

Saturday Jan 07, 2023

If for-profit medicine could keep up with physics, we'd have a medical system and practice that looks a lot different than it does.


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