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William Blake said “Everything that Lives is Holy.” Mike Sauter and Michael Martin discuss faith and the world with friends and guests through a sacramental lens. We call this “Sophiology.” Farming, the arts, child-rearing, politics, economy, religion, education, and culture. Think “Holy,” but think of all the world outside of church buildings; the divine shining through all of creation. Peace and love Christian Anarchism from the bottom-up.

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Friday May 20, 2022

Discussion of current events and ideas for the future using the concept of Czech dissident Vaclav Benda as used by Vaclav Havel and blogged about  by Michael Martin in his blog post, "The Parallel Polis, or How to Beat the Technocracy."     

Friday May 13, 2022

Tara Thieke joins us to talk about her article “Selling the Female Body for Parts” and her newly published article “Mothering in the Age of the Borg” from her Substack Sõida tasa üle silla.

Friday May 06, 2022

Wide-ranging conversation on economics with an insider who saw how economics were discussed at the highest levels in the Catholic Church.  Discussion includes Catholic economics, Distributism, anarchist thought, perishable currency, the Mondragon Corporation, Bitcoin, NFT’s, the Amish and a wild story about Big Science, cold fusion, and cancel culture from mid-1970’s.

Friday Apr 15, 2022

Mike Sauter and Michael Martin lay out a bit of their background and vision.


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